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The High Weald Walking Festival 2022 is now over

Thank you to everyone who took part and who helped make the week a success! If you attended a walk and haven't yet completed a feedback form, you can do it online here.

Keep your eyes peeled for details of next year's event - and in the meantime, check out our page on other places to walk in the High Weald.

See you soon!

DISCLAIMER: Walking is one of the safest outdoor activities in the UK. However you must recognise that at all times you are responsible for your own safety.

The self-guided walk descriptions are provided to help you navigate your way. It is recommended that you carry an Ordnance Survey map of the area being walked and follow your position on the map as you proceed.

Whilst we have endeavoured to ensure the information is up to date and correct you will be using it strictly at your own risk.

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